Mastering Courses

Cartographia workshop with Ramon Puig Cuyàs and Silvia Walz, September 2019.


Registrations fall 2022


Leave a message in the voice mail box with your name, phone number and the course you are interested in, and we will return your call in order of callers. Calls received before the registration start time will not be considered.

* In the situation of abandon, reimbursement conditions apply. Please see the Registration section.


Every year, the ÉJM organizes an exhibition and gala highlighting the work of students in the Basic Techniques Program and the mastering courses. You have the opportunity to present a creation from one of the following courses in the “specialized techniques” category, for a chance to win a one-day workshop valued at $125. To find out how to register, sign up for our newsletter and the competition details will be sent to you when the time comes.