Rules and Regulations

Safety, care for the equipment, and trust are essential qualities for all jewellers. In order to share studio spaces harmoniously, it is essential to respect certain rules of conduct and safety protocols.

It is important to respect all safety regulations provided by faculty when handling equipment, tools, and materials. At the bench, be sure to adopt an adequate body posture. In addition to the rules specified by each teacher, certain behaviours should be observed by everyone at all times:

  • Wearing an apron or lab coat is mandatory and the ÉJM is not responsible for damage to clothing.
  • Safety goggles must be worn at all times in the studio.
  • Loose clothing, long untied hair, open footwear (sandals), and high heels are not tolerated under any circumstances. Synthetic clothing is not recommended in the studio.
  • Certain equipment or materials, such as polishing lathes, machine room equipment, and chemicals, may not be used without instruction and approval from your teacher and/or assistant.
  • Toolboxes must not obstruct circulation in the studio.
  • It is strongly recommended to only keep the tools you need on your work surface and to keep it free of any object or paper that is not related to the work you are doing.
  • Shared tools must remain functional and clean.
  • Coats, jackets, bags, and other personal items must be left in the lockers or on coat racks. Clothing must not be placed on chairs or work surfaces.
  • Radios, MP3 players, and cell phones are not permitted during courses, in open studios, or in the hallways.
  • Food must be enjoyed in the cafeteria. Drinks are allowed in the studios but must always be kept in lidded containers (please bring your own).