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The exhibition Poussière d’or is presented from May 31st to June 5th at the Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h, and gathers the work of our thirteen graduating students in the college jewelry program, as well as several works designed by the 1st and 2nd year students. We are all very moved to see the progress of each of our students. This exhibition brings together more than a hundred pieces and is an opportunity to see or re-visit the creative worlds of the students of the studio-school.

It is a real pleasure to renew the experience of end of year exhibition and vernissage with the Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h. It is always exciting to collaborate with Mr. Noel, a renowned gallery owner in Montreal. In addition to closing this school year in beauty, the exhibition allows us to offer a beautiful showcase to our thirteen graduates and to celebrate the dawn of their career in the field of jewelry.

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On Tuesday, at our Awards Gala, faculty members had the pleasure of presenting several Awards of Excellence, recognizing the effort, quality and creativity of our students’ work. Totalling more than $10,000 in scholarships, gift certificates and products, the awards of excellence were offered thanks to the precious support of our supplier sponsors, who contribute greatly to the launching of the careers of our graduates. Thank you for encouraging the next generation!

Congratulations to our thirteen graduates: Alice Arnaud, Carla Beaumont, Shandi Bouscatier, Clara Chupin, Samy Douma, Joy Escudero, Roxanne Faure, Kylian Hétu, Julia Kadar, Rosalie Lambert-Sarrazin, Gabriel Normandeau, Maria Teresa Parra Belandria and Ekaterina Ziborova.

Maria Teresa Parra Belandria receiving the 3rd year Excellence Award, for quality and technical performance, with her teachers Lynn Légaré and Marie-Ève Martin.


Clara Chupin and Ekaterina Ziborova receiving the Award for Excellence in Formal Research Development 3rd year, with teachers Francesc Peich and Christine Dwane.


Samy Douma, recipient of the Workshop Attendance, Motivation and Positive Attitude Award, with teacher and setter Richard Bérubé.


Nancy Rousseau receiving the First Year Excellence Award, accompanied by teacher France Roy.


Marie-Annick Pelletier receiving the 2nd year Excellence Award, for her thoroughness, with teacher and jeweler Monique Giroux.


Joanie Guillemet, a second year student, won the 2nd year formal research development award. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend the exhibition. We wanted to congratulate her for her great work.


Nancy Rousseau receiving the Gemology Award, with teacher and gemologist Christine Dwane.


Edith Plourde, recipient of the drawing prize, accompanied by Catherine Villeneuve, teacher.


In addition to these numerous awards of excellence, the Janis Kerman and Barbara Cohen awards as well as the two perseverance bursaries offered by Ms. Diane Tessier of the Association des femmes diplômées universitaires de la Montérégie. This year, Janis Kerman presented two honourable mentions to graduates Kylian Hétu and Rosalie Lambert-Sarrazin with a $250 scholarship, while the Barbara Cohen 2022 Award was presented to Roxanne Faure with a $700 scholarship. Finally, Mrs. Diane Tessier presented Emily Trankarov and Marie-Pier Drolet with a $500 scholarship each.


Rosalie Lambert-Sarrazin (left) accompanied by Kylian Hétu, receiving the Janis Kerman Award.


Roxanne Faure was awarded the Barbara Cohen Prize. She is accompanied by Noel Guyomarc’h on behalf of the curator and jeweler Barbara Cohen.


Mrs. Diane Tessier at the microphone. Unfortunately, Marie-Pier Drolet and Emily Trankarov, recipients of a perseverance bursary offered by Mrs. Diane Tessier, were unable to attend the Gala.


As it does every year, the Montreal School of Jewellery acquires a work of art to be added to its private collection, which has been growing every year for over twenty years. A jury is formed to determine the winner of this prize. It is the necklace of the Collection Al Muharib which is pronounced The Warrior of Samy Douma which was selected this year. The jury was made up of renowned jewelers Sylvie Mourocq and Annegret Morf as well as Isabelle Sentenne, Administrative Technician and Communications Manager at the Institut des métiers d’art. In addition, a special mention was made for the quality of the work of Roxanne Faure.

Finally, the 2022 Private Collection Award from the Montreal School of Jewellery was presented to Samy Douma by Isabelle Sentenne.


We would like to thank our partners the Cégep du Vieux Montréal and the Ministère de la Culture du Québec. Our thanks also go to Ormex, Coulage MD Casting, the Fondation du Cégep du Vieux Montréal, as well as all our numerous sponsors for their generosity.




List of sponsors :

Pierres de charme / Sial / Perla / Emporium / Nikmak / Umicore / Eurêka

Kitco / Gemmax / Canada Beading supply / Rippana / Alloyco / Importex Co.

Machinerie EBS / MSD Gem / Sassounian / Christiane Morin / Lee Valley Service

Imagine 3D / Plumepak / Yomo / Unitec / SR2 / Janis Kerman Design / Barbara Cohen

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