Petra Luz

Petra Luz began her career in 1988 in her home country of Switzerland. During her four-year training, she studied jewellery techniques, gemmology, metals and design. Since graduating, she has worked in numerous workshops, perfecting her technique and knowledge, and her jewellery has since then been presented in many galleries and exhibitions.  It was first a work contract that brought her to Montreal, where she finally decided to settle. Petra has been teaching at the ÉJM since 2017. For Petra, design, craftsmanship and portability, three interdependent principles, are at the base of a strong piece of jewellery. She likes to create with a minimalist approach and draws her inspiration from her surroundings and from daily life: everyday objects suddenly take the form of a piece of jewellery. In this way, nature’s forms are removed from their original setting and transformed into abstract figures.