Exhibition at the ÉJM: At the heart of the new collections

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Until December 1st, people attending the ÉJM will have the chance to discover in the gallery space the works of Lynn Légaré (teacher) as well as those of three graduates of our school, Kim Paquet, Gabrielle Desmarais and Maxime Prouxl. In addition, by appointment, the general public will be able to visit this space, in group of two peoples. Simply reserve a time slot by phone with Carole at 514.281.9922, ext. 201.

This exhibition highlights the artist’s most recent collections. Pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings are displayed and immerse us in current fashion trends. What we notice is that jewellerys with a minimalist look in silver or made of different metals is very popular this year. Despite this trend, the artist’s individual collections have their own distinctive style.

Each of them has their own artistic approach, and the magnificent pieces on display express their imaginative world.

Lynn Légaré – C for Coco : Mademoiselle inspiration

She was crazy about them. It is said that Gabrielle Chanel never went out without her pearls.

Our C Collectionpays tribute to this icon who revolutionized the world of fashion and who was never afraid to shake up conventions.

It is in this spirit of freedom that we have imagined our latest collection adorned with fabulous round pearly beads.

Each of the jewels in Collection C bears a fictitious woman’s first name, honouring the seamstresses and craftswomen with golden fingers who worked to materialise Coco’s imagination .

Source : (Lynn Légaré, 2021)


Crédits photos : Anthony McLean

Kim Paquet – Coexistence Collection

“ With the means of achieving new and original design, this collection is inspired by Expressionist architecture where emotion is found throughout distorted forms. Have you ever seen a building with an unusual shape or extremely rounded edges? In the early 20th century, some architects created striking buildings daring for modernity and seduction.

The architecture was designed to evoke feelings and extreme emotions from their freeform and modern appearance. These pieces demonstrate how straight lines coexist with curves, how strength is synchronized with flexibility, and how the present can grow in harmony with the past .

Source: (Kim Paquet, 2021)


Crédits photos : Daphnée Pageau

Gabrielle Desmarais – Alunir collection: Approaching the moon, making contact with the moon.

“ It was literally while being “in the moon” and listening to the works of Luciano Pavarotti that Jeremy came up with the concept and aesthetic that surrounds the visual identity of this current shoot. Alunir dramatises the reality of the mind during the creative process and subconsciously being in a reality that, for the moment, does not exist. The universe therefore projects a poetic environment where time, uncertain, seems to be frozen in both romance and turmoil.

Inspired by this photo concept, Gabrielle then created the design for the collection, freely inspired by the colours and architectural elements of the space where the shoot took place: a house designed by the architect-painter Jacques De Blois. The latter greatly contributed to defining the lines, curves and choice of materials (gold accents, chrome finish) of the 15 new designs in this new collection .

Source: (Gabrielle Desmarais, 2021)


Crédits photos : Jeremy Dionn and Anthony Mclean

Maxime Prouxl – Various collections

“ We are committed to providing quality jewelry that will follow you in your daily life. In our sterling silver collections or our bridal collection, each of our jewelry is designed to be timeless with their minimal style. Each piece of jewelry is carefully created with sustainable materials in our Montreal workshop by our small team of passionate jewelers!

Maksym Joaillerie offers high-end, modern and minimalist jewelry. For wedding rings or for everyday jewelry, our collections stand out for their aesthetic, timeless and refined qualities as well as for the use of precious metals and ethical diamonds .

Source : (Maksym Joaillerie, s.d.)


Crédits photos : Catherine Deslauriers and Maxime Proulx

Le style est une manière de dire qui vous êtes sans parler…

– Rachel Zoe

Crédits photos des portraits des joaillières :

Lynn Légaré : Anthony McLean

Kim Paquet : Michelle Plamondon

Gabrielle Desmarais : Alexis Gr

Maxime Prouxl : Michelle Gagné

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