ÉJM Volunteers’ Virtual Exhibition

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The school’s sudden closure last March coincided almost exactly with the beginning of the annual ÉJM volunteers’ exhibition, an event that we insist on organizing every year to thank and reward our many volunteers without whom we could not be as actively involved in the cultural scene in Montreal. Journées de la culture, Nuit blanche, participation in various fairs and events – none of this would be possible without all the help we receive from the community surrounding the ÉJM.

Since we are unable to present a physical exhibition, this year we invite you to discover their work through this virtual exhibition!

Our heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who have been present during the year 2019-2020: Louison Grymonpré, Nathalie Groleau, Julie Williston, Iris Mesdesirs, Lucie Houvenaghel, Thérèse Babin, Maria Teresa Parra, Gabriel Normandeau, Noore Saleh, Émilie Gagnon, Julia Kadar, Louis Stock-Rabbat, Lucie Lalonde, Catherine Guindon, Gabriel Roy, Michelle Kemp, Monique Boudreau, Quentin Lecomte, Adrianne Bélanger St-Pierre, Isabelle Fournet, Anaëlle Lepont, Leyla Ghiastalab, Chantal Sarrazin, Sophia Gaspard, Louis-Vincent Parent, Marianne Richard, Anastasia Conkic, Philippe Crisafi, Malika Rousseau, Mike Gendron, Marine Bordy, Ted Deltour, Catherine Miljour and Isabelle Cadieux


Anastasia Conkic


Left: Earrings, 2020. Sterling silver and pearls.

Right: Ring, 2020. Sterling silver and red garnet.


Iris Mesdesirs


Left: Ring, Un amour étouffant, 2019. Sterling silver and citrine.

Right: Ring, Twist, 2020. Sterling silver.


Isabelle Cadieux


Left: Brooch, La tisserande, 2020. Sterling silver.

Right: Pendant, The High Priestess, 2020. Sterling silver.


Isabelle Fournet

La libellule danseuse, 2020. Sterling silver, 18k gold plated brass, fresh water pearls, ammonite.


Louison Grymonpré


Left: Ring, I See You, 2019. Sterling silver.

Right: Pendant, Freckles, 2019. Sterling silver and 24k gold (keum-boo).


Lucie Lalonde


Left: Neckpiece, Rehaucyclage, 2017. Fresh water pearls, starling silver and computer circuit.

Right: Ring, 30 années de mariage, 2018. Sterling silver and 14k gold.


Noore Saleh

Glasses, 2019. Sterling silver, 18k gold and diamonds..


Monique Boudreau

Bracelet, 2020. Aquamarine, fused silver.


Malika Rousseau

Neckpieces, Anthropocène, 2020. Water hose, acrylic paint, cotton cord, sterling silver.

Marine Bordy


Left: Pendant, M/a Capitaine, 2019. Sterling silver, recycled enameled copper, hair.

Right: Ring, Fusion lunaire #8, 2020. Sterling silver.


Anaëlle Lepont


Left: Neckpiece, Lagon, Variations collection, 2019-2020. Sterling silver and apatite.

À droite: Earrings, Lagon, Variations collection, 2019-2020. Sterling silver and apatite.


Julie Williston

Left: Chain, 2019. Sterling silver and 18k gold.

Right: Ring, Nid, 2019. Sterling silver and pearls.


Terez Babin

Bracelet, Arrache cœur, 2020. Fine silver.



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