Transparence: Interview with Janis Kerman

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The group of 14 Quebec-based jewellers has already enjoyed great success in Ottawa and New York, where they will exhibit again in 2015. The exhibition Transparence will be presented until November 24 at Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h, where visitors will have the chance to admire their work, learn about this true art form, and purchase unique pieces signed by these 14 renowned artists.

The exhibition Transparence brings together approximately one hundred original works.  Each of the pieces presented has been meticulously designed and chosen for its uniqueness, the quality of precious metals and stones used and the artistic nature of the work.

Janis Kerman answered a few questions for us.


Janis Kerman Design








How did the idea of forming a collective come together?

Patricia Faber, of New York’s Aaron Faber Gallery curated a show called JEWELRY FROM QUEBEC: ARTIST-MADE AND DESIGNED which was held in May of 2012. She was the one that chose who of us Quebec jewellers she wanted in the show. After the show took place, the group of us, 14 in total, met to discuss how we felt the show went and what we saw in the future. At that meeting we decided to try to “brand” ourselves as a Group or Collectif and move forward, presenting our work to other galleries. We came up with a type of “formula” which we have presented to galleries when contacting them about showing our work within their space.

With each new experience, we are evolving but essentially, we offer to present between 5-8 pieces of our choosing and then either we, as a group, or the gallery owner chooses a Theme and we then make 1-3 pieces specific to that theme.  The themed pieces are shown together so the visitors to the gallery can appreciate the different take each of the 14 jewellers have taken from the same starting point.







Are there any benefits to being part of a collective?

I have shown my work for many years as an individual artist.  I believe showing as a group who originate from the same place gives the gallery a special selling point to introduce to their clientele. In this case, it is my first time working this way and I like the interaction with the group and it allows everyone to take a turn in organizing the upcoming shows, it doesn’t just fall on one person to organize everything.


Is it important for you to show your work in a local gallery? 

I think showing in our home town/province is a plus in this case.  Many of the group are already known entities and the impact we have might be stronger when we are purposefully shown together. I guess we will see what the turn out will be at the opening on Friday as well as at the Pecha Kucha presentation on the 8th of November.











Can working around a given theme be restrictive at times?

I don’t believe it is… there are many shows I have participated in that are theme driven so this is nothing new for me. I am just as curious to see how everyone interpreted the theme of Transparence. It makes me excited to see what the outcome will be.

Janis Kerman Design







How did you approach the theme?

I was looking for a way to express transparency using metal and stones.  I decided to reach through space by leaving openings in the rings that would allow one to see transparently through them.  I like the way the shapes I designed cut through the air vertically giving lightness and airiness to the overall design.  Of course, wearability is paramount and these three rings resolved all these design criteria I set for myself.


What challenges did you encounter?

None more difficult than preparing for any other show I have been invited to.  I guess, always making well crafted work that will be appealing to a varied clientele.


Janis Kerman Design

Photos: Dale Gould



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